Is Button or Zipper closure better for Bed sets?

There are heated debates about whether a sequence of buttons or an invisible zipper is preferable. Although they both make it easy to make the bed and do a great job of safeguarding your quilt, duvet, or comforter, each has unique benefits and drawbacks.

A woman buttoning the buttons of a white duvet cover on her bed

Button Closure Pros:

  • A button closure adds visual interest to the design on your duvet cover. They might be appealing on their own or produce a tactile texture that enhances the appearance of the duvet cover.
  • Buttons will not catch your duvet or pillow while closing its cover, which could be quite irritating in the case of zipper closure.
  • Buttons are easier to repair in case of failure.
A brown fabric on a nice buttons of wood on a bed

Button Closure Cons:

  • The button closure, on the other hand, might take longer to shut than a zipper. Each button must be matched to the appropriate hole and buttoned. If you notice that you mismatched a button with a hole, the entire thing must be redone.
  • Individual buttons can also be pushed open and become annoying while sleeping.
A women closing the zipper of a white duvet set

The zipper is a new closure that just became popular in the 1970s.

Zipper Closure Pros:

  • The zipper closure makes it quick and easy to seal your comforter, quilt, or duvet, which greatly expedites the bed-making procedure. It can also be easier to use than fumbling with buttons, which is a big bonus for the elderly.
  • Zipper appears to be undetectable and will not irritate you in any way.
  • Zippers take up less space than buttons, which is a perfect choice for minimalists.
  • Zippers, unlike buttons, provide a continuous closure.
A nice blue bed linens with a zipper closure

Zipper Closure Cons:

  • Because the zipper’s appearance is deemed contemporary, it may not provide the traditional aesthetic that the button does.
  • Zippers are more likely to break and get stuck, and are more complicated to repair in case of failure; Thus, at Rezlan UAE we use high-quality zippers that last long enough to avoid the repair-process.

Fortunately, Rezlan UAE offers items of both choices: zippers and buttons.

Whether it be zipper or button closure, it all comes down to your personal preference. Choose the one that is easier, and more visually enjoyable to you.

Tell us your favorite closure in the comment section below!

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