Beige Striped Pillowcase Set

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Stay cleaner for longer time with our 2 pieces Beige Striped Pillowcase set of Queen Pillowcase Size(50 x 75 cm). Known for its durability, smooth texture, and featherweight feature.

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  • Set includes: 2 pillowcases
  • Queen Pillowcase Size: 50 x 75 cm


Stay Cleaner, longer: We offer you 2 pieces Beige Striped Pillowcase Set to alter flexibly between the two cases or even match your pillow with your dearest.

Very Soft: This 50×75 cm Beige Striped Pillowcase set is soft, silky, keeps you comfortable throughout the night, and totally affordable.

Featherweight Cushion: Our microfiber pillowcase set is quite thin, making it suitable for other applications. Whether it be camping in Dubai’s desert or stargazing, our fitted pillowcases are very easy to transport, helping you save weight for other important necessities.

Durable: Microfiber pillowcases are very durable. The stretchy nature combined with their water-repellant features, makes microfiber very easy to maintain fabric. Remove the burden of spending time replacing your pillowcases with this elegant beige striped pillowcase set.

Unfailing style: Our striped pillowcase set got an elegant design that could go blindly with almost all bedding.

Easy Care: Machine wash. We recommend you wash them with warm water, as this can thoroughly eliminate unwanted odors and stains.

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