Elite Feathers Pillow

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Discover Rezlan’s Elite Feathers Pillow made of pure cotton, perfect for Dubai’s dry weather, stuffed with fiber feather, controls moisture, is skin-friendly and super comfy.

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Size: 50 x 70 cm

Pillow filling GSM: 1600


  • Moisture Check: The Elite Feathers Pillow is crafted using fiber feathers filling inside, pure cotton woven fabric outside. Which makes it wonderfully breathable, and maintains your comfort as you turn your face over during your sleep. It also helps keep moisture from building up between your skin and pillow. Our Elite Feathers Pillow is the perfect pillow for people with greasy hair/oily skin.
  • Dubai Weather- Friendly: This heat-resistant pillow is ideal for hot and dry weather, it protects against from heat. By holding the fabric away from the skin, it delivers thermal covering and irreplaceable comfort.
  • Skin Loyal: The Elite Feathers Pillow is the pillow of choice when it comes to skin sensitivity, it’s a special pillow for hypoallergenic; very recommended for those with skin allergies, and those who put their skin health first.
  • Lasting Sleep: Due to its high tensile strength, our pillow is durable, less likely to tear, and remains undamaged after many washings in hot water. Happiness consists of getting enough sleep, try not to it your sleep by choosing the right pillow.


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