Pink Throw Blanket

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Our affordable 140 x 180 cm Pink Throw Blanket is soft and cozy, with multiple uses. This four season throw blanket is perfect as a chic decoration in hot weather, and a tortilla blanket in cold one.

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All-Around Use: Our 140 x 180 cm Pink Throw Blanket is a bed throw, sofa throw, or a simple throw that you could curl up in while watching TV, gathering up with family or friends, traveling, camping, picnic, or even when napping at work.

Interior Decoration: The simple Pink Throw Blanket with its snaking pattern is easy and chic to coordinate with your furniture. Shove it on your sofa, chair, or across the foot of your bed to add that must-extra texture.

Considerable Present: This soft blanket makes a great gift for the hearts you care about, a “Christmas throw” would be an amazing Christmas gift for warm occasions.

Cozy: You’ll stand zero chances in front of our Pink Throw Blanket, crafted from thick and velvety acrylic tricot. Its lightweight, breathability, and velvety texture is our secret to your homey feelings. Nourish your soul and body with our affordable throw blanket.

Four Season Blanket: An excellent blanket for the weather in Dubai, use it as a summer décor or as an added layer for cold dessert nights. This Burgundy Throw is soft, it provides warmth without weight. The cover coziness feature makes it a perfect tortilla blanket for couples who like to spend quality time together.

Easy Care: When machine washing, use warm water setting and add a fabric softener during the final rinse cycle. Machine dry at low temperature. Remove from dryer as soon as garments are dry.

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